Bore & Shaft

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Bore&Shaft is one of the most useful app in the mechanic world. Bore&Shaft help you sizing bores and shafts (holes and shafts), letting you calculate all the necessary info to realize correctly bores and shafts.

The user must choose the diameter, grades and tolerance for bore and shaft (hole and shaft) and the app will calculate automatically all the limits (superiors and inferiors), gaps, width tolerance for bore and shaft and the result of the coupling.

The result (play, ambiguous and interference) will be showed graphically and in a table view: in this way it will be really fast and easy reading the information obtained.
The graphic width of tolerance is not in scale.

It expressly disclaimed any responsibility for what might arise from the use of this application for possible inaccuracies or errors, despite the care taken in developing the application itself.